For general enquiries and further information, please contact us:

Prachurbkirikhan Office 
Suan Bankrut Beach Resort
278 Tumbon Thongchai, Bangsaparn, 77190
Mobile: 080-0908656

Tel: 032-695-217 Fax: 032-695-403

Bangkok Office 
150/34 Yourhouse Village, Bangkruai -Sainoi Rd.,Bang-Pai,
Mueng, Nontraburi 11000
Mobile: 081 - 921 4849

Tel :02 - 446 0411 Fax: 02 - 879 5781

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Line ID: @suanbankrut

How to get to BanKrut?

I'll drive my own car: 
From Bangkok to Samutsongkham >> Phetchaburi >> HuaHin >> Prachuapkirikhan >> TabSaKae district >> drive along Petchakasem road until Km 382. When seeing the sign telling the way to BanKrut ( notice flyover , PTT gasolin station on left, turn left to Petchakasem-Bankrut about 9 kilometer. ( Totally distance from Bangkok to Suan BanKrut Beach Resort about 400 kilometers.)

May be taking public bus is more convenient: 
Take the Bangkok - Bangsapan bus at the New Southern Bus Terminal. Get off at the road to Ban Krut then hire a bus or motorcycle to the SuanBanKrut Beach Resort.
Call center 0-2576-5599

Choo Choo !!! I love traveling by TRAIN 
Catch the Southern train at Hualumpong Railway station. Get off at Bankrut station then extend the hired minibus to the resort.(please check schedule of railway before trip)
Call Center 1690 or Checking Train Time Table